Week 10 – Reading Blog

Chapter 14 – The Education Matrix Nice to know that I probably waited to long to go back to school.  By the time I finish my Bachelor’s Degree the digital design field will probably require a doctorate to go beyond an entry level position.  Considering how much debt I’m going to accumulate getting this degree, […]

Week 9 – Reading Blog

Chapter 12 – Illustration I have found a new favorite illustrator.  Viktor Koen is freaking amazing.  I don’t know how he could be confused with other Photoshopers.  The attention to detail and the pure creativity implicit in his work outshines the rest of the field hands down.  Maybe I just have a thing for his […]

Week 8

Chapter 10 – Blogs I have to admit that I was not looking forward to this chapter. When I think of blogs the first image that comes to mind is a vacant teenager spewing the minutia of their everyday life out into the ether. It’s virtual pollution people. I see blogs doing to serious essay […]

Week 7

Chapter 8 – Game Design Interesting to see that a fad game designer (Rodney Greenblat) went back to fine art when he felt that his popularity was at a peak.  I can’t stand his style by the way.  It seems iconographic of the current trend toward making childish art.  No I don’t mean child-like, with […]

Week 6

Chapter 7 – Motion Design I’m always fascinated to see who is considered ground breaking in a particular medium.  I doubt that McKay thought he was doing something truly innovative by playing with an animated dinosaur, but once Walt Disney caught on and started interacting with Mickey then the die was cast, for good or […]

Week 5 – Reading Blog

Pages 122 – 155 So maybe I’m getting a touch of mid-term blahs but the interviews in this chapter are starting to seem a tad repetitive. Blah blah the web is great, blah blah so many fabulous tools, blah blah what wonderful creative outlets we have now. I don’t know if I really agree with Chris Capuzzo […]

Week 3 – Reading Blog

Week 3 – Reading Blog Chapter 6 – Web Design So right in the intro to the chapter I had my first confirmation that Web Design/Development is a great career choice for me.  Here is the excerpt: Web sites are an integral part of many businesses and so, in order to understand what to design, […]

Week 2 – Reading Blog

Service providers and manufacturers are cannoodling like all get out, but the offspring usually is some wierd mutant that flips around like a Swiss Army Knife and has extra cameras, antennas and toothpicks slapped onto every available surface that isn’t plastered with logos.

Week 1 – Reading Blog

Chapter 1 – The only thing that really excited me about this chapter was the short section about the open source community and its growth.  China considering switching to an open source OS, that’s freaking huge.  Maybe it’s just my techie aversion to Microsoft or my personnal distaste of all things cooporate (after a decade […]