Week 3 – Personal Discovery

Hour 1 – Vector Graphics I have been looking for a decent alternative to Adobe Illustrator as it is currently priced at only $599, and even the student additions are about a hundred less.  Wow what a deal… I found a decent free ware site called UberDownloads and they list a product called Inkscape. Inkscape […]

Week 3 – Reading Blog

Week 3 – Reading Blog Chapter 6 – Web Design So right in the intro to the chapter I had my first confirmation that Web Design/Development is a great career choice for me.  Here is the excerpt: Web sites are an integral part of many businesses and so, in order to understand what to design, […]

Week 2 – Personal Discovery

Hour 1 Still interested in how Flash is moving now.  For example considering the current explosion of internet mobile devices we now have Flash Lite: Adobe Flash Lite is a version of the Flash Player specifically optimized for mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. It enables mobile application developers and designers to create rich, engaging content […]

Week 2 – Reading Blog

Service providers and manufacturers are cannoodling like all get out, but the offspring usually is some wierd mutant that flips around like a Swiss Army Knife and has extra cameras, antennas and toothpicks slapped onto every available surface that isn’t plastered with logos.

Week 1 – Personal Discovery

For the first hour I decided to do a little research into Ruby.  I’ve heard a little about the language and it sounds intriguing.  Wikipedia should be a good place to jump off from… Model–view–controller architecture – Separating the database design from the way that the user interfaces with the form sounds like a good […]

Week 1 – Reading Blog

Chapter 1 – The only thing that really excited me about this chapter was the short section about the open source community and its growth.  China considering switching to an open source OS, that’s freaking huge.  Maybe it’s just my techie aversion to Microsoft or my personnal distaste of all things cooporate (after a decade […]