Week 7 – Personal Discovery

So at this point I’ve decided to continue working on the chess program I’ve been writing in Python as my final project for Interactive Media.  I started the game last semester as a way to get more practice writing Python and work on classes, which was beyond the scope to that class. I met with […]

Week 7

Chapter 8 – Game Design Interesting to see that a fad game designer (Rodney Greenblat) went back to fine art when he felt that his popularity was at a peak.  I can’t stand his style by the way.  It seems iconographic of the current trend toward making childish art.  No I don’t mean child-like, with […]

Week 6

Chapter 7 – Motion Design I’m always fascinated to see who is considered ground breaking in a particular medium.  I doubt that McKay thought he was doing something truly innovative by playing with an animated dinosaur, but once Walt Disney caught on and started interacting with Mickey then the die was cast, for good or […]

Week 6 – Personal Discovery

Hour 1 Still playing around with Aviary.  I found the basic interface tutorial for Peacock (the hub based visual laboratory).  Somehow I managed to overlook it before.  I also looked over a basic tutorial for Raven, which is the vector graphics editor.  It was posted by this guy who must be one of the designers […]

Week 5

Hour 1 So the plan for this week is to do some of the available tutorials for both Ajax Animator, which is the web based flash platform that I’ve discussed in previous weeks, and the Avairy online graphics suite. Ajax plans to have tutorials available at some point, but that aren’t in place yet.  However […]

Focus going forward…

So for the rest of the semester I’m still playing with two ideas. The first is to continue work on the chess program that I started during my Programming and Logic class. It’s written in Python and all of the basic piece moves and definitions are coded. What is still missing are definitions for castling […]

Week 5 – Reading Blog

Pages 122 – 155 So maybe I’m getting a touch of mid-term blahs but the interviews in this chapter are starting to seem a tad repetitive. Blah blah the web is great, blah blah so many fabulous tools, blah blah what wonderful creative outlets we have now. I don’t know if I really agree with Chris Capuzzo […]

Week 4 – Personal Discovery

Hour 1 Interview with Lantz Moore. Lantz is a developer who has done a lot of work with Ruby on Rails, which I talked about back in week 1. Download the full interview. (Click the Download link in the upper left to access the MP3 file).  Hour 2 Was spent going back over the interview […]