Week 10 – Python Chess

I’ve been working on cleaning up some of the modularity issues and spreading the work required for castling between the king(moving itself and the rook), the rook (added a function to calculate where it moves when castling) the board (finding which rook to castle), and the legality functions (whether castling is legal).  I decided to […]

Week 10 – Reading Blog

Chapter 14 – The Education Matrix Nice to know that I probably waited to long to go back to school.  By the time I finish my Bachelor’s Degree the digital design field will probably require a doctorate to go beyond an entry level position.  Considering how much debt I’m going to accumulate getting this degree, […]

Week 9 – Reading Blog

Chapter 12 – Illustration I have found a new favorite illustrator.  Viktor Koen is freaking amazing.  I don’t know how he could be confused with other Photoshopers.  The attention to detail and the pure creativity implicit in his work outshines the rest of the field hands down.  Maybe I just have a thing for his […]

Week 9 – Python Chess

Hour 1 – Square Labels When I decided to redraw the board with each move so that the current player’s pieces would be at the bottom of the window, it necessitated fixing the labels.  At first I just drew the labels at the beginning of the game when I drew the board and forgot about […]

Week 8

Chapter 10 – Blogs I have to admit that I was not looking forward to this chapter. When I think of blogs the first image that comes to mind is a vacant teenager spewing the minutia of their everyday life out into the ether. It’s virtual pollution people. I see blogs doing to serious essay […]

Week 8 – Python Chess

Hour 1 – Debugging and Modularizing Yes modularizing is a word.  Look it up language Nazis. Last week I was having an issue with a pesky error after creating the Game class to control aspects of game play and call the other functions.  The error actually resulted from mistyping a variable when I changed the […]