Week 6

Chapter 7 – Motion Design

I’m always fascinated to see who is considered ground breaking in a particular medium.  I doubt that McKay thought he was doing something truly innovative by playing with an animated dinosaur, but once Walt Disney caught on and started interacting with Mickey then the die was cast, for good or ill.

Full of Ideas – Interview with Cary Munion

Maximal! What the hell is maximal.  I’m the first person to agree that minimalism is dull, but can’t we have a better word to describe the opposite view?  But the Honest website rocks.  That’s a (bleep)load of content with minimal lag time.  And the NEXTgencode site is nicely laid out with good interaction, which helps deliver the message.  I really like the idea of using advertising to filter potential customer’s rather than just casting a broad net.

On a side note though some of their video content is in Quicktime (who the hell uses quicktime) and the video channel was just a green screen.  This apparently is a common issue.  So I checked the bulletin boards, and finally the repair option worked.

Pushing the Limits – Interview with Beatriz Helena Ramos

Interesting to hear a designer refer to technology as a tool instead of a media these days.  Hmm.. let technology facilitate the creative process instead of dominating it, what an idea.  Reminds me of when CGI first hit Hollywood and studios packed movies chock full of computer graphics just because it was the new hot thing to do.  The plots were still crap, and the special effects didn’t really help because it was too easy to tell that they were digital.  It isn’t just poor quality that gives the fake away.  Sometimes an effect just looks to clean, or is just too unbelievable, therefore obviously a computer did it.  I think she might be right about only learning new software if you need it for a project, otherwise you can spend all of your time fighting with a flashy interface and no time actually creating something.

So overall the chapter on animation didn’t really grab me.  The most likely reason is that I have no experience in the medium.  I should go back over this after I learn Flash.

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