Focus going forward…

So for the rest of the semester I’m still playing with two ideas. The first is to continue work on the chess program that I started during my Programming and Logic class. It’s written in Python and all of the basic piece moves and definitions are coded. What is still missing are definitions for castling and promotions, player configurations for turns and move logging. I have no intention of actually building a chess AI at this point. I’m just focusing on hot seat player games. I would still like the board to flip so the current player is at the bottom of the screen, which involves redrawing the board with each move. I also would like to have the option of saving games to a data file, including the current board layout and the move list as well as saving past games.

The other option that I’ve been playing around with is building something using the web based graphics and animation tools that I’ve found during the first half of the semester. I’m talking about the Aviary suite of graphics tools, and the Ajax Animator flash building site. I would have to put a few weeks into really learning the tools, and I don’t have any idea what I want to build yet, but I like the idea of doing a project like this using only free web based tools. I’ve only found free Aviary novice level tutorials for the Phoenix tool, which is the Photoshop like image editor. The tool that really grabs me is Peacock which the site calls a Visual Laboratory. I’ve seen some the videos showing the building process for projects in this application, and this is a type of tool that I’ve never seen before.

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