Week 1 – Reading Blog

Chapter 1 – The only thing that really excited me about this chapter was the short section about the open source community and its growth.  China considering switching to an open source OS, that’s freaking huge.  Maybe it’s just my techie aversion to Microsoft or my personnal distaste of all things cooporate (after a decade of working in call centers and gaining an associates in business), but the idea of working in an open source environment where anyone can crack the hood and tinker in the guts of the machine gives me a sense of purpose that years of cubicle work could never provide.

Ruby…  a friend of mine suggested that I look into Ruby on Rails and based on the small mention in chapter 1 I think its promising.

Chapter 2 – I like the idea of the PowerFlowers.  Mostly that it made me rethink the idea of interactive interfaces a bit.  That something as simple as a motion sensor connected to a variable light source would be considered interactive media, and that actually implementing it involved so many hidden complexities.

Chapter 3 – High Tech Graffiti, nifty.  That is all I can really say.  Computer controlled graffiti robots and pin point accuracy paint ball cannons give me a stiffy.

The section about NASA and the HyperWall resonatted because I worked as a reports analyst for a year and had to take large amounts of data from agent stats and offline productivity, and filter it down into simple spreadsheets that clients and managers depended upon to make climactic decisions.  In a way it is because of information that I provided that the company lost a major contract.  I didn’t make the decision, but I did provide the options on which the manager based the decision.  And I view reports generation in a similiar way.  It is much more important to develope a good robust report that can be easily updated and modified for future use, then to try and make a one shot chart that is pretty, but is thrown out after one use.  Nobody is remembered for doing that.